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What is an Advertising Hacker?

An Advertising Hacker is someone who uses sociology, data, and experience to surpass regular marketing expeditions using paid and organic methods. An Advertising Hacker can lower both advertising and operational cost by using technology to optimize the overall business model.


Our goal is to increase leads and sales while decreasing costs.

Unorthodox Methods = Unorthodox Results.

Optimized Your Website With Our CRO WordPress Plugin

This innovative WordPress plugin is made to convert cold traffic into leads. We use a sociology UI design to get top-of-the-funnel traffic closer and closer to the bottom of the conversion pipe. Our opt-in form comes with hassle-free features that are suitable for both new and advanced marketers.

Marketing Specialist Team

We are a varied group of carefully chosen individuals brought together by our shared enthusiasm for both Marketing and Technology. With an annual investment exceeding $120,000 in ads, we’ve relentlessly honed our expertise and refined our software. Operating behind the scenes, we’ve collaborated with both industry giants and small enterprises, diligently perfecting our craft. Now, the time has come for us to step into the light and introduce ourselves to the wider audience. Elevate your business by enlisting a Chief Marketing Officer today.

Type of Marketing Services


Voice Search Marketing

Voice search is reshaping the digital marketing landscape in a positive way. As the prevalence of home assistant devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home continues to rise, businesses that prioritize voice-search optimization are poised for future success.

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SEO Marketing

Every business owner’s aspiration is to secure a prominent spot on the top pages of search engines like Google and Bing. SEO stands as a reliable method to amplify both the quantity and quality of organic traffic directed towards a website.

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PPC Marketing

Research indicates that paid advertisements receive more clicks from searchers compared to other forms of digital advertising. This approach provides businesses with a precisely targeted and revenue-generating audience at remarkably cost-effective rates.

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Affiliate Marketing

Approximately 81% of publishers and 84% of advertisers enjoy the advantages of affiliate marketing. The crucial factor in achieving success and securing commissions lies in effectively leveraging the right strategies and establishing meaningful connections.


Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has emerged as one of the foremost avenues for marketing products or businesses. Boasting a user base exceeding 200 million monthly, it stands as a tried-and-true platform for advertising.


Instagram Marketing

A staggering 80% of Instagram users are engaged with at least one business account. The recipe for a triumphant marketing campaign boils down to a combination of expertise and adept advertising strategies.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook stands as the reigning champion of social media marketing, affording businesses the chance to showcase their offerings to a colossal audience of over 2 billion monthly users.


TikTok Marketing

Marketers are increasingly recognizing the incredible potential of TikTok as a robust advertising platform. With a user base surpassing 1 billion on a monthly basis, it boasts a larger audience than both Twitter and Pinterest combined.

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Billboards Marketing

While the traditional billboard remains one of the oldest advertising methods, it has found renewed purpose in the digital era. It now serves as a canvas for innovative marketers to seamlessly merge outdoor and digital advertising, presenting a unique opportunity for creative synergy.

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Radio Marketing

Even with the rise of digital marketing tactics, radio advertising continues to wield significant influence within the industry. A staggering 93% of Americans aged 12 and above tune in at least once a week, attributed in part to the prevalence of on-demand audio streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

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PodCast Marketing

Podcasts are experiencing a rapid surge in popularity, and marketers are keen to capitalize on this trend. The proportion of Americans tuning into podcasts each month has surged from 26% in the previous year to 32% in the current year.


Content Marketing

Forward-thinking digital marketers have long been engaged in the practice of content marketing. The art of crafting valuable content intertwined with captivating storytelling stands as a proven and time-tested strategy for achieving success within the marketing landscape.


Publication Marketing

Publication marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote books in the digital age. Publishers, retailers, and independent authors alike have leveraged the power of social media as the leading method of communication.

Why us

Advertising Hackers is a comprehensive digital marketing firm providing state-of-the-art web marketing solutions to businesses worldwide. Our approach involves implementing omni-channel marketing strategies that propel companies toward triumph. Through our unconventional methods, we yield extraordinary outcomes.